A 14-Day Journey Through Your Life Memories
for Mental and Emotional cleansing

A 14-Day Journey Through Your Life Memories
for Mental and Emotional Release

Registration for The Life Reset Process starting on ​July 12, 2024
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Personal Statements and Intentions:

These are your personal statements and intentions that you agree to by signing up to participate in the process:

  1. I declare that I fully intend to start the process and persevere until the end during the 14 days of the process, for myself and not for anyone else, and not for Liav Ivry the facilitator.
  2. I understand that in order to finish the process on time with the rest of the group, I am required to dedicate at least one hour a day to writing/reading, during which time I will set aside time from all external distractions whatsoever, and during this time I will do the process, for myself and for my own growth.
  3. I understand that the Life Reset Process is a group process and not an individual coaching process, and is not defined as therapy, although Liab the facilitator is available for any questions throughout the process days.
  4. I understand that the facilitator is not a clinical therapist, and that it is my responsibility to take care of myself at every stage of the process through professional mental health assistance if I need it.
  5. The choice to enter the process is my sole responsibility, and every step in the process is my full responsibility to myself.
  6. I am aware that the Life Reset Process is a special writing of my life, in a different way than usual, and is not a writing of the stories in my life or an autobiographical process, and is not intended for any final product that I will submit or show to anyone, and that its main purpose is to allow me to undergo mental cleansing and balance.
  7. I am aware that according to the process instructions, everything I write in the process will be read only by me, and is not intended to be read by anyone else.
I agree to the statement and personal intentions above: *

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund: Up to one week before the process starts.
No refund: After the process starts or if you stop participate at any point during the process.
Exception: If you withdraw before the second guided session, you can notify Liav the facilitator and get a 50% discount on any future process within 6 months.

I agree to the Cancellation Policy *

Confidentiality Policy:

The Life Reset Process is a unique experience where its most valuable aspects unfold as you participate. Therefore, there is a request and commitment to keep the details of the process and the instructions given during it to yourself and not to share them with others. Sharing them could lead to others attempting the process without proper guidance, potentially resulting in unintended or even negative outcomes.

By participating, you agree to this confidentiality statement. This means you will not share the process instructions or video links from the sessions provided by Liav Ivri Yanni, either during or after the process.

I agree to the Confidentiality Policy *

Are you taking a prescription drug from a psychiatrist and/or are you in psychiatric treatment? (Details remain confidential in the system)

Why do I want to do the process?

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