A 14-Day Journey Through Your Life Memories
for Mental and Emotional cleansing

A 14-Day Journey Through Your Life Memories
for Mental and Emotional Release

Welcome to The life reset process

ריטריט כתיבה writing retreat online retreat

Who is it for?

ריטריט כתיבה writing retreat online retreat

If your life is standing at a crossroads—a career shift, a challenging separation from a relationship, health challenges, or any major transition, The life reset process is your ally to a fresh start. It will help you with your restart and understanding your life in a new way.

Even if your life seems wonderful and you feel an unspoken urge to embark on this journey, you are welcome to start this process and unlock unexpected treasures.

What is the life reset process?

The Life Reset process is a special and powerful exercise of writing the memories of your life, from your first memory to the present day. In this process, you don’t write your life’s stories but their essence in an intuitive way that makes it an easy and flowing journey.

The goal of this process is to bring awareness to your past, acknowledge it, and then let it go so you can focus on the present moment and start anew.

The writing is done in a special method that helps you reconsider your life and look at it from a fresh perspective. It allows you to release and clear the emotions attached to your memories and discover new insights about your lives. 

The beauty of this writing method is that you don’t need to remember anything; the memories come to you intuitively, enabling a flowing writing process without worrying about remembering.

After writing your memories, The process continues with two additional stages that provide processing and completion for all your memories, helping everything that doesn’t need to stay within you to be released.

There are two ways of conducting the life reset process, each lasting approximately two weeks, through personal or group guidance. Engage in this personalized adventure to rejuvenate your journey and cultivate a sense of freedom.

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What can a life reset process offer you?

The Life Reset process can take you on a self-discovery journey—it’s like starring in the most intriguing movie, your own life. Gain a fresh perspective by viewing your story from above, so even the challenging memories become easier to write.

Recognize your life patterns, both positive and negative, and unveil past strengths so you can implement them in the present. 

Those who’ve experienced the Life Reset process report a renewed lightness, a deeper connection with life, profound insights, and a revitalized sense of flow (see testimonials below).

ריטריט כתיבה writing retreat online retreat mental cleansing

The life reset process can support you if you:

  • Want to strengthen your sense of purpose in life and gain clarity.
  • Seek internal cleansing.
  • Aim to address and release thought patterns from the past.
  • Want to live with more presence.
  • Are going through a significant period of change.
  • Feel stuck in your life.
  • Want to channel energy towards action and creativity.
  • Aim to strengthen your sense of self-identity.
  • Bring more empathy to yourself and others.
  • Support the healing process of an illness.”

What is happening in the Life Reset Process?

The stages

The life reset process consists of three stages: writing, processing our writing, and a concluding ceremony. The process spans approximately two weeks, during which you commit to dedicating an hour each day for 12 days to the writing stage and 1-4 hours for the processing stage. Finally, on the last day, you will make a concluding ceremony yourself.

The meetings

There will be 3 guided meetings over 14 days, where I will explain the process, and you will have time to share and ask questions. Each session lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours. At the end of each guidance session, I will guide you to your writing time with yourself (for an hour).

Additionally, there are 5 writing sessions. These are short sessions lasting 20 minutes each, aimed at guiding you at the beginning of your daily writing hour. The first 10 minutes are for sharing and questions; in the remaining 10 minutes, I guide you through a meditation for your writing hour.
All the meetings and sessions are conducted via Zoom.

Concluding Ceremony

The concluding ceremony is the final stage of the process, done independently after you finish the two stages before.

Closing meeting

This session is only available for personal guidance plan and takes place after your concluding ceremony. (This session can be scheduled up to a month from the beginning of the process).”

When is it not recommended to undergo the life reset process, and when is it?

It is not recommended to go through the process while traveling abroad, where you are moving from place to place.


The process requires your time and without intensity around you. However, if you arrive at a certain place during the process and feel at home there, comfortable and without disturbances, there should be no problem for you to go through the process even if you are abroad.


It is not recommended if you need to engage in an activity that requires a lot of attention throughout the day during the process.


If, for example, you need to move apartments or start a new project that requires a lot of attention, it is not recommended to undergo the process during this time, even if you have an hour a day for writing. It’s better to wait until you get over with the intense time before. If, in your daily routine, you manage a household and are busy all day with childcare, check if you will have your own time during those 2 weeks.


It is not recommended if you need to attend a workshop for a day or more with emotional intensity.


If you are about to attend a full-day workshop or more during the two weeks of the process, and you know it will affect you emotionally, it’s better not to undergo the life reset process at this time. If it’s a few hours or a weekly therapy workshop, it’s not a problem and can fit in well with the process.


It is not recommended if you are going through a very emotionally difficult period that takes a lot of your attention.


If you are in the early stages of mourning due to a difficult separation or anticipating trauma or post-trauma that you experience, taking too much of your attention throughout the day, it’s better not to undergo the life reset process at such a time and wait until this period calms down to a state where you can function (recommended in coordination with your therapist).

But if some time has passed after mourning or trauma, and you experience passing painful feelings (even if they last a few days), you can definitely undergo the life reset process, and in fact, it can greatly support you.


If you are limited to writing with a pen.


Since the effect of writing with a pen is very important in the life reset process, it is impossible to undergo it if you are in a situation that limits you, whether due to a health condition or physical limitation. You can consult me for a solution for extreme cases where there is still a strong desire to undergo the life reset process.


If you are unsure if the process is suitable for you, you are welcome to consult with me in a brief conversation. Fill in the details here, and I will get back to you.

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The 3 formats of The Life Reset Process

1. Online Personal Process

The personal guidance process is the most convenient and ideal way to embark on this journey, integrating seamlessly with your daily life. With personal guidance, you can start the process at a time that works best for you and schedule meetings whenever you have time. 

This form of guidance entails a dedicated focus on your current life situation throughout the sessions, resulting in more personalized interactions and a specialized focus on the process for you. Also, there’s personal attention and motivation for the continuity of your process.

The process spans approximately 14 days, consisting of 3 instructional sessions and 5 writing sessions on Zoom, followed by a concluding meeting (conducted independently) after the ceremony.

The personal guidance is in English with Liav Ivry, the founder of the Life Reset Process.


Read more about personal process, price and schedule
ריטריט כתיבה writing retreat online retreat

The life reset process with personal guidance

ריטריט כתיבה writing retreat online retreat mental cleansing

The personal process starts immediately, at times convenient for you!
In this process, you will receive the following:

  • Personal preparation for the process.

    Focused accompaniment and personal treatment, personal shares

  • Attention to challenges

    Reference to personal challenges that you are going through in your life now during the meetings

  • motivation for the process

    Getting personal motivation to do the process to persevere and finish the process on time

  • Flexibility in meeting times

    Flexible scheduling of the meetings and writing sessions

Cost: 280€

The package includes:
– 3 guidance meetings –
– 5 writing sessions –
– Summary meeting –
– Guidance and support throughout 14 days –

Are you curious to know more about this process?
Want to ask more questions?
Or do you want to schedule your private process?

Fill in your contact info, and we will schedule a 10-20-minute free Zoom meeting with me.

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ריטריט כתיבה writing retreat online retreat

2. Online group process

The group process is conducted on Zoom with 8 to 15 participants. The group process spans approximately 14 days, consists of 3 instructional sessions and 5 writing sessions on Zoom, and takes place at predetermined times for all sessions. The instructional meetings will be recorded, so if you don’t make it, you will be able to watch it in your free time.
Group processes occur several times a year and are updated on the website.

The meetings are guided in English by Liav Ivry, the founder of The life reset process.

Read more about the group process, price and schedule

Life Reset Process - Online Group

ריטריט כתיבה writing retreat online retreat mental cleansing

Online Group Life Reset Process lasts 14 days and has 3 guidance meetings And 5 writing sessions.

Guidance meetings Hours: 09:00 – 10:30 AM. At the end of each meeting, you will have a writing session to take you to your 1 hour daily writing.

Writing Session Hours: 09:00 AM (About 20 minutes of guidance, and then you go into your writing session while being on Zoom with the group).

Here are the scheduled days and times for the group process:

Saturday – Guidance Session: 09:00 AM – 10:30 AM, Writing Session: 10:30 – 11:30

Sunday – Writing Session: 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Monday – Writing Session: 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Tuesday – Guidance Session: 09:00 AM – 10:30 AM, Writing Session: 10:30 – 11:30

Wednesday – Writing Session: 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Thursday – Writing Session: 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Friday – Writing Session: 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Thursday – Final Guidance Session: 09:00 AM – 10:30 AM


– The guidance sessions will be recorded and can be viewed for up to 1 month from the beginning of the process.
– To complete the process on time, you’ll need to dedicate at least an hour each day to doing the process where you have a space without external interruptions during this time.
– At the end of each guidance session, there will be instructions for writing, so the time after these sessions is intended for your writing (between half an hour to an hour).
– The writing sessions are not mandatory; you can write independently at any other time during the day.

Group process Cost: 220 €

149 €

The process includes:
– 3 guidance and writing sessions –
– 5 writing sessions –
– Online support throughout the entire process –

Want to ask some questions?

Choose your time in the calendar for a 10-20-minute free Zoom meeting with me.

To register for the group process, please fill out the form

Want to know more? Leave your details here, and I’ll get back to you.

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2. Frontal process

The frontal Life reset retreat takes place by reservation for a group of 20 people and more, anywhere in the globe, under the guidance of Liav Ivry Yanni, the founder of the Life reset process. To make a reservation, please get in touch with us.

ריטריט כתיבה writing retreat online retreat

For more information, contact us:

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Life reset process plans

Group Process

  • Guidance and support over 14 days
  • 8 Zoom meetings
  • Meetings at set times.
  • Personalized and focused guidance
  • Additional time for sharing and dialogue
  • Personal monitoring and motivation
  • Summary meeting at the end of the process

How can the life reset process impact me?

People who have undergone the process report:

  • A feeling of a “life restart.”
  • Relief from a multitude of small accumulated burdens.
  • The possibility to start life anew from a cleaner and clearer place.
  • A sense of gratitude and a positive perspective on life.
  • A feeling of purpose and meaning in life.

They shared that the process helped them:

  • Discover insights about themselves and their lives.
  • Accept and love themselves despite everything they have been through in life.
  • Channel energy and unleash creativity.
  • See a new perspective on their entire lives.
  • Clear and reconcile with the past and start anew.

Frequently Asked Questions:


There are many positive outcomes to the life reset process. The unique approach of writing produces movement and release of energy stuck in your life. During the process and its stages, experience the feeling of relief. Recognizing parts that were stored in memory allows for relaxation and inner peace. As you write, each line you write is another step toward balancing and releasing your past that will bring more present energy to the present.


Amazing things have happened to the people who went through the process, but everyone reacts differently. I can not tell you about you. Do not do the process to relieve pain. Do it because you have an inner call to go through the process. Whatever happens will happen.


Yes. The special instructions for writing allow for fast writing. You will need at least one hour a day of writing in which you have time for yourself. This is your commitment to you to go through this process.

If your memory goes down to deep resolutions of details, you may need more than an hour a day, but this happens except for people.


No. No need to share anything. It is a personal and private process unless you feel like sharing from your free choice and out of joy. It’s much more than that. No one will ever read your notebook!


If you can not be with us live, do not worry, the instruction is recorded, and you can watch it later in your free time via the link you will receive in the email.


Yes. There is a process every one to two months. But be aware that the price may be different next time.

Do you have a question?


Why go through the process?

The life-reset process taught me that to undergo a restart in life and unleash stuck energy, there is a need, first and foremost, for recognition of what we have been through and our personal history, which often is the reason for our blockages that prevent us from moving forward.

Recognizing the past aims to bring to awareness everything we have been through, allowing us to discover additional information that we may not have seen, expanding our own truth. This is a healing process. Only then can we put the past behind us so that it can support us rather than hinder us?

The life-reset process gathers all the tiny grains stuck in our memory, whether consciously or unconsciously collected throughout our lives, and allows us to release them.

After hundreds of participants have gone through the process, I know and understand all the places that can be challenging during the process and how to navigate through them. I am here to ensure that the process will be the best it can be for you.

How did the life-reset process come into the world?

ליאב עברי יני liav ivry yanni

Hey there, I’m Liav Ivri Yanni.

Back in 2014, I hit a rough patch with my physical and mental health. Feeling desperate, I turned to a higher power for support. I prayed earnestly, seeking guidance from God, nature, the universe, and my higher self.

To my surprise, detailed instructions began to surface from within me, almost as if they were encoded in my DNA. I wrote them down, and the name “Reset Life Exercise” popped into my mind. Little did I know I was about to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery.

This exercise guided me through mental, emotional, and physical healing in ways I never imagined. It was a transformative experience that defies description.

The Exercise:

I dove into the exercise that very day. The first step was to write all my life memories in a very unique and specific way that I had never heard of before. This method allowed my writing to flow easily, and memories surfaced effortlessly without effort because I didn’t have to remember anything.

For 10 days, I dedicated an hour each day to this process. Finally, I completed the remaining instructions, which took a few more days, culminating in a powerful completion ceremony.

To my amazement, not only did my physical health improve, but my mental and emotional well-being soared. Everything became clearer and more transparent. It was a turning point in my life.


I couldn’t keep this profound experience to myself. Since then, I’ve shared the process with others, witnessing incredible transformations and insights firsthand.

In 2018, I facilitated the first Reset Life Retreat for 20 people, a powerful and moving experience. From there, I continued to guide individuals through the process until my mother fell ill with cancer in 2021.

Her illness was a wake-up call for me. I realized the importance of making every moment count and decided to dedicate myself fully to facilitating Life Reset processes. I’ve supported over 600 individuals of all ages on their journey to transformation.

A little over a year later, in 2022, my mother passed away, marking another challenging chapter in my life. Despite the pain, I remained committed to facilitating Reset Life processes, knowing firsthand the impact it can have.

My Commitment:

This process is deeply personal to me, and I’m committed to ensuring that every participant receives the best level of support and guidance from me.

So, I offer you my time and experience wholeheartedly to guide you through this transformative journey and help you unlock your full potential.

The Invitation:

If you’re feeling stuck, facing a significant life transition, or simply drawn to embark on this journey of self-discovery, I invite you to reach out. Let’s schedule a free 10-minute conversation over Zoom, where I’ll explain all the details about the process and answer any questions you may have.

About me:

Today, at 46, I have developed methods and tools for personal development to help myself in challenging times. I have learned many external tools that have assisted me throughout my life. To this day, I continue to practice them, such as Non-violent communication, the work of Byron Katie, Ho’oponopono, Family constellations, and more.

My main focus today is facilitating life-reset processes and guiding individuals in learning and practicing self-help tools I have developed and studied. I have written the book “Joy and Enjoyment, Healing and Definition” – three principles for development and growth in relationships (not yet translated into English), and several more books are on the way. I am also a Water therapist, a pianist and a songwriter, 

Want to know more?
I would be happy to talk to you and explain to you
Leave details here

יצירת קשר רוחב אנגלית

More shares

“When I was doing the life reset process, I underwent a significant personal change. For most of the day, I was engrossed in deep sadness, self-pity, and chewing on the past (unchangeable!) Events.

The day after I finished the process, I started to feel that the “dear” sadness that had accompanied me faithfully was gone. I’m a serious person, and I went looking for it. But the sadness in its deep-rooted level was gone. And to this day, when there are still emotionally difficult days, that sadness does not return. Although I’m a bit of a believer, I would call it a dramatic change.”



“The significant part for me in the process was the spaces between the lines, the quick transitions between scenes in my life, was a practice of the mind in understanding that ‘this too will pass,’ another event, another person, another object, another thought, another feeling, Everything changes like in a moving movie.

Towards the end of the process, the mind begins to perceive that there is nothing to perceive, the temporality of everything becomes clear, and the importance diminishes. Everything is essential, but everything is also not equally important.

After the process, I noticed that my point of view became more flexible. The possibility opened up to me at a specific moment to choose whether to see the film of my life as the actress, director, or audience. Each such position is essential in itself. This flexibility gives a sense of playfulness to life and the opportunity to dedicate oneself to them another step.

I have a hard time with sentences like ‘life-changing process’ because everything changes life! Every interaction, treatment, party, failure, everything shapes our life, and in the life reset process, one can do some crazy zoom out by zooming in to those moments that build the whole puzzle.

This process makes an order in the mental system. It was a deep and thorough process; the effects of the process appear through life itself and less as thought and insight, meaning I do not understand what happened, but something happened.

Liav’s professional accompaniment supports the process and gives confidence that there is an answer to every question and challenge.

Thank you for the critical process.“



For more information, contact us:

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